哲学カフェに行ってみませんか。 お茶を飲みながら他の人の話を聞いてみる。結論は求めません。カフェで賑やかに話せればいいですね。

131005 第2回eカフェ 開催報告英語版 (日本語は前の記事です)

Report on MUKONO-SO philosophy café in English & Japanese


Date and Time; 29th September, ’13 Sunday 14:00-16:00
Place; IDEAL English Conversation School in ITAMI-city
Participants; 5 (male: 4 female: 1)
Theme; < Why do we dress the way we do? >

This is the second MUKONO-SO philosophy café in English.
We had 2 English and 3 Japanese participants. I would like to thank everyone for participating in this session. Both English and Japanese were spoken and the facilitator translated to all members.

Here are some of the many opinions and thoughts shared in the group.

◆Society & Individuals
・Sometimes we cannot wear the things we want to because society may not accept them. On many occasions we have no choice in what we wear for example uniforms, work clothes and social acceptances.
・Usually I like wearing clothes that are relaxing as much as possible.
・In Japan they say even a packhorse driver dresses nicely and becomes acceptable among high society. And in English they say Good clothes opens all doors. Wearing something is to change oneself in the mind.

◆Male & Female
・Female dress code have a wide range of variety and to wear properly, females should know the patterns of their styles.
・Most men wear what they can afford, or what is comfortable; there are too many styles to choose from so it can be difficult to choose items.
・Males think of fashion as in a defensive way, But females think of fashion in an offensive to catch people’s eye, for example, A lady aged 87 checks her fashion when she attends a monthly meeting with her friends and checks if other members are wearing the same fashion for a second time. So she uses fashion an aggressive way.

・Bad boys in school, disobey the school dress code, but they keep their remodeled uniform on.
・Yankee style students violate the official uniform but they follow the "Yankee style uniform". Wearing a Yankee style uniform makes them Yankee.
・I only wear clothes which are influenced by mass-media and people who develop trends. I feel we are all led by these lures.

It was a very interesting discussion and I’m very thankful to all participants.
Perhaps all females are not so interested in social acceptances as much as males.

The second philosophy café in English at IDEAL English Conversation School in ITAMI city was successful. We had a good time for “thinking & talking” with each other.

The next theme shall be which was the theme suggested by a few participants after the session.

Please join us next time in the near future.

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